Connect or correct your garden electrics

Specialist certified electrical services enabling great, safe outdoor spaces.

Make your garden look stunning

Upgrade your garden electrics

Supply power to new garden spaces

messy cables in garden

Ugly electrics ruin beautiful gardens

You are trying to create a look with lighting and spaces that impress. Faulty electrics and unsightly cables aren’t going to help you achieve that. Your home needs someone who gets it.

Power-up your gardens in style

Power to any part of your garden

There is always a way to provide power to your garden and we’ll create a plan to safely power-up your garden

Avoid unsightly cables

Instead of using the easiest route, we will work out the most attractive way to get power to your garden space

The right products that last

Your home deserves the best high-quality products that are fit for purpose and will last the test of time and weather

Upgrade electrics without replacing

Old or faulty outside electrics can be replaced, improving their lifespan and avoiding replacing expensive items

Exterior electrics in 3 steps

  1. Expert Assessment

    You will get the best advice from a friendly experienced electrician to assess your needs.

  2. Proper planning

    Whether it’s fault finding outside or powering a place, we will create a power plan for you.

  3. Power-up your gardens

    Get your gardens looking modern and stunning with our certified exterior electrical services.

Safely power-up your gardens

Beautiful garden lighting

Beautiful garden lighting

Garden power supply

Garden space power supplies

External electrical faults

External electrical faults

Garden room

Log cabins & garden rooms

garden bar

Garden bars

pool houses

Pool houses

hot tubs

Hot tubs

electric gates

Electric gate supplies

Water features

outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens

Excelling In outdoor electrics

  • Log cabins and garden room specialist
  • NIC EIC certified
  • Years installing high-end garden electrics
  • Experienced with hot tubs & pools
  • Planning service included
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Approved Contractor

Specialist electrical services for your gardens

Creating a new outside space like garden bar or garden room sounds exciting but getting power and lighting to them that’s safe and discreet can be difficult if not done properly.

Sholeh electrical excel in outdoor electrics, helping ambitious home owners create impressive outdoor spaces with safe power supplies and beautiful lighting.

Power-up your gardens in style without ugly wires.

Frequently asked questions

Certification is required on all new circuits including modifications and/or alterations to existing circuits.

If the circuit has to be adapted in some way to accommodate new or additional accessories, and this changes the characteristics of the circuit, then a certificate will be issued for your records.

If you’re simply changing an accessory like–for–like, testing will be performed but no certification would be required as this is classed as maintenance.

Building control are notified on your behalf for particular electrical works; replacement consumer units, full or partial rewires, new circuits & circuits in special locations like: gardens, swimming pools, hot tubs – and any electrics close to a bath or shower (Zone 1).

A digital receipt of notification to you local area building control (LABC) will accompany your electrical certification.

Yes. A garden is classed as a special location, any electrical installations in an outside area require a greater level of electrical safety designed into them.

The details of this would be recorded on the electrical installation certificate (EIC) and your local area building control (LABC) would also be notified.

Any new installations, after a refurbishment for example, would require either an electrical installation or a minor works certificate. Any electrical works within the bath or shower area (zone 1) – like the installation of an electric shower or mains powered extractor fan, would also be notified to your local area building control (LABC).

If new sockets or lights are required and are going to be connected to existing circuits, then a Minor Works Certificate (MWC) would be issued. If the sockets and/or lights are being connected directly to the consumer unit (fuse box) on their own circuit, then an electrical installation certificate (EIC) would be issued.

An electrical installation certificate (EIC) is a comprehensive multipage document issued for new major electrical works. These are new circuits, full & partial rewires, consumer unit replacements, supplies to garages & outbuildings and hardwired smoke alarms, etc.

A minor works certificate (MWC) is issued when a change is made to an already existing circuit. This might be an additional external socket directly connected to a socket in the lounge, or installing down lights into a room and removing an existing pendant light.

An electrical installation condition report (EICR) – sometimes incorrectly referred to as a landlord safety or NIC cert, is a multipage document that is produced to relay information back to the property owner about the existing electrical installation. These are very useful if you have just purchased a property and have no idea of the history or maintenance of the installation. Short-term any safety issues with the electrics would be highlighted, and depending on what tests have been agreed & conducted; long-term (with regular testing at intervals) the owner can develop an understanding of any deterioration within the system, this could pre-warn the owner of potential problems so that preventative action can be taken before a fault develops. This information is also useful if you are about to undertake extensive renovations – you won’t want to be rewiring a property after it’s just been nicely decorated, or having to get a new supply cable to the garage after the garden has been landscaped!

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